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By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of daily interactions and experiences, our lawyers provide proactive solutions to a diversity of clients. We are involved in the preparation of security documentation everyday. Amanda Heard and her team provide support for a range of financiers, from publicly listed companies to boutique operators with a no fuss, straight forward approach to getting deals done. Amanda’s friendly and responsive approach combined with years of litigation experience will give you confidence that the job will be done. Whether you finance debtors, equipment, bridging loans, provide second mortgages or something even more specialized when our lawyers are involved the deal flows smoothly. We help our clients successfully settle deals as quickly and efficiently as possible all across Australia.

Amanda can be reached on 07 3152 4401 or amanda.heard@stratoslegal.com.au


Experience Counts

Do you need lawyers who devote all of their time to finding solutions to insolvency problems?

Do you want to use the lawyers the professionals turn to?

Insolvency matters take many forms and are always urgent. Doing nothing is never the solution. Taking early expert advice to develop a strategy is the best way to deal with an insolvency problem. Our Legal Practice Director Bruce Pasetti has been winding up companies and preventing companies from being wound up for 20 years. Very few lawyers have acted in as many liquidations as Bruce. He is a workshop leader for ARITA, the lead organisation for liquidators and bankruptcy trustees in Australia. He regularly speaks to industry groups and acts for many liquidators across Australia.

You can reach him on 0431 128 201 or bruce.pasetti@stratoslegal.com.au



  • Do you need 24 hour turnaround times?
  • Do you need updates as and when things happen?
  • Do you need lawyers who are focused on turnaround times and outcomes not time sheets and billable hours?
  • Do you need lawyers who can operate across state borders?
  • Do you need fixed fees?
  • Do you need solid advice?


Understand the Process

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Understand the Process

Court Process

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