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Liquidate or Deregister?

Deregistering an inactive or dormant company is a relatively simple and inexpensive exercise.

Before deregistering a company it is very important to take the time to consider whether the company truly qualifies for deregistration.

The ASIC form requires you to make the following declaration:

I declare that the statements below are correct.

(a) All members of the company agree to the deregistration; and

(b) the company is not carrying on business; and

(c) the company’s assets are worth less than $1000; and

(d) the company has paid all fees and penalties payable under this Act ; and

(e) the company has no outstanding liabilities; and

(f) the company is not a party to any legal proceedings.

If the declaration is not correct ASIC may prosecute you for swearing a false declaration.

Taking some time to consider the options is worthwhile- consider the fees involved to be a bit of insurance.

By the way, ASIC will deregister your company if you fail to lodge an Annual Return – that’s why it is important to keep your registered office address up to date.

If a company has deregistered , it can be reinstated, although the process will take time if you go through ASIC or cost money if you have to get an order from the court.

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