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Registered Offices- It is Your Responsibility

If you have a company you must also have a Registered Office.

This is a physical address that is listed with ASIC that anyone who needs to serve documents on the company can rely upon. It cannot be a Post Office Box- which can immediately cause trouble for some.

It is not optional- you must have one and it is up to you to keep it current.

It is also your responsibility to make sure that if documents turn up at the Registered Office they are dealt with. No excuses- the consequences of failing to attend to some of the documents that can turn up. Creditor Statutory Demands for example can be fatal if not dealt with in time.

If you are an accountant who maintains Registered Offices for your clients you should be charging a fee for the service and then taking responsibility for that very important function. Train your staff and make sure your clients know you are doing the job well. Date stamp receipt of documents, scan and then email the documents to the client, preferably with an email read receipt.

Bottom line for everyone- keep on top of your basic paperwork. It’s up to you and you alone.

The dog ate my homework. It’s not my fault. You don’t want to rely on those excuses- they have a very low success rate!