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Solid Advice Sessions- Complimentary Presentations

Looking for a complimentary presentation for in-house education or a client event?

We presently have  a selection of presentations ready to go.

  • Guiding the Director

If you can’t generate  $50,000 in fees of the back of this presentation- you must not have been there!

A specialised  session for advisers filled with practical advice about the risks for directors and business owners and what you can be doing to protect them- from shareholder agreements to PPSA leases ,business lending and beyond.

  • ATO Debt Negotiations – a technical perspective

Stratos Legal spends a lot of time dealing with ATO wind ups. Get some tips from the people who are at the pointy end of it all.

At the end of this session you will have an understanding of the ATO policies guiding debt negotiations which can only help your clients and maybe save you from the embarrassment of putting  up a proposal that just can’t be accepted.

  • Deeds of Company Arrangement- Where are we with these

From the Mighty River right back to Molit No.55 we rattle off the current law and touch on some old standards – separate meetings for employees?

  • The PPSA -Personal Property Security Act.

A review of recent developments. An introduction for some. A reminder for others. New developments for all. Tailored to the audience from junior to intermediate to seniors.

Each of our presentations is designed to be adjusted for the individual audience.

Got another topic in mind? We are always looking for suggestions.

Contact us today. We’d love to present for you.

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